Project Quality Inspector provides a pqi command which checks Projects good practices thanks to customisable rules

v1.8.0 2017-08-25 13:10 UTC


ProjectQualityInspector is a PHP script pqi which checks project custom good practices. This generic quality checking tool will check your projects through various configurable rules.

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This tool is for you if you want to check in your project if :

  • a file or directory (or a pathname pattern) should exist, or should not exist
  • a composer package should exist, or should not exist
  • a composer package version should not be wildcarded ...


ProjectQualityInspector requires PHP version 5.6 or greater


You can install the component in 2 different ways:

  • Install it via Composer (rednaxe/project-quality-inspector on Packagist);

Simply add a (development-time) dependency on rednaxe/project-quality-inspector to your project's composer.json file if you use Composer to manage the dependencies of your project:

composer require --dev rednaxe/project-quality-inspector ^1.6.0

You will need a recent git version (at least >=2.7.0) to use git rule.


First, you have to create a pqi.yml configuration file in your project. If there is no configuration file in current directory, by default the example pqi.yml will be used.

The first level of configuration is up to you. When you will run the command, you have to specify the section in configuration file, for example :

$ ./bin/pqi mycustomconfig

For Symfony 2.*, you will have to add run key like this :

$ ./bin/pqi run mycustomconfig

You can use -c or --configFile, and -b or --baseDir options to respectively change the configuration file, and the inspection base directory :

$ ./bin/pqi mycustomconfig -c config/pqi.yml -b Back/src

You can use -j or --junitFile to generate a JUnit file :

$ ./bin/pqi mycustomconfig -j pqi-junit.xml

You can use multiple -r or --rules to select rules to load :

$ ./bin/pqi mycustomconfig -r files-rule -r git-rule

You can also add a common section, which will be always merged to the selected section :

            - "appveyor.yml"
            - ".travis.yml"
            - ".gitignore.yml"


A rule is loaded when the rule key is present in configuration. Here is a list of existing rules, and possible configurations :

  • files-rule config example:
            - "ruleset.xml"
            - "app/phpunit.xml"
            - "!web/app_*.php"
            - { value: "web/app.php", grep: [ "getenv", "SYMFONY_ENV", "!$_ENV" ], reason: "This file is required and must use getenv php function to retrieve SYMFONY_ENV environment variable" }
            - { value: "app/phpunit.xml", reason: "This file is required for testing code" }
            - "composer.json"
            - "phpcs.xml"
            - "phpmd.xml"
            - "php-git-hooks.yml"
            - { value: "", grep: "!Symfony Standard Edition" }
            - { value: "tests/", grep: "group" }
  • composer-config-rule config example:
            file: "composer.json"
            disallow-wildcard-versioning: true
                - { value: "!h4cc/alice-fixtures-bundle", reason: "This package is no more maintained" }
                - "phpunit-bridge"
                - "bruli/php-git-hooks"
                - { value: "symfony/swiftmailer-bundle", semver: "^2.5.0" }
  • git-rule

When we have more git branches than developers in a project, it's sometimes difficult to avoid merge conflicts. Then when it's time to build a package, it's generally too late to rebase, merge or clean each branch individually. In order to prevent any risk of unnecessary conflicts, this rule helps you to detect :

  • large number of already merged branches (and suggests you to delete thoses branches)
  • branches that should be updated because there is too much new commits in stable branch
  • branches that should be updated because there is too days of work in stable branch

You will need a recent git version (at least >=2.7.0) to use git rule.

config example:

                - "origin/\\d\\+.\\d\\+.\\d\\+"
                - "origin/master"
            ignored-branches-regex: ~
            threshold-days-behind: "20" #in days
            threshold-commits-behind: "50"
            threshold-too-many-merged-branches: 5


  • Creating PHP Archive PHP Archive (PHAR)
  • Tests
  • composer-config-rule: disallow-wildcard-versioning > add current installed version in error message to facilitate explicit versioning correction
  • composer-config-rule: check if there is a lot of updates to do, and if there is outdated packages installed
  • curl-rule : create a curl rule which will be able to make requests and checks responses, headers, etc...
  • add time in jUnit generated file content
  • Add notice / alert level concept for expectations in each rule config
  • Add link to file which explain how to easily develop new rule
  • Find more rules ;)