A Laravel 8 CRUD package for rapid scaffolding and development.

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This package is no longer maintained. Please consider my latest package here:


Crudify is a Laravel 8 CRUD package which promotes rapid scaffolding and development. It uses a tried and true stack and intuitive techniques that will save you time and hassles.



  • A server compatible with Laravel 8
  • Composer
  • NPM


  • Automatic user timezones
  • AJAX forms, modals, and response handlers
  • Responsive data tables
  • Font Awesome icons
  • Sensible Bootstrap styling out of the box
  • CRUD generator command (make:crud)
  • Automatic migrations command (migrate:auto)
  • Migration, factory, and rule definitions inside models
  • Automatic routing based on controller methods
  • Dynamic model fillables
  • & more

Third Party Packages Used



Crudify was designed to work with a clean Laravel 8 install.

Install Laravel:

laravel new vehicle-app

Configure the database in your .env file:


Now, install Crudify via composer:

composer require redbastie/crudify

Then, run the Crudify install command:

php artisan crudify:install

All done. The only thing left to do is create a user, either via tinker or the DatabaseSeeder.

Usage Example

Generate CRUD for a new model e.g. a Vehicle

php artisan make:crud Vehicle

This will generate your controller, data table, model, factory, views, nav item, and auto route.

Modify the migration method inside the new Vehicle model class:

public function migration(Blueprint $table)

You can also specify the factory definition and rules in the model:

public static function definition(Generator $faker)
    return [
        'name' => $faker->name,
        'brand' => $faker->company,

public static function rules(Vehicle $vehicle = null)
    return [
        'name' => ['required', Rule::unique('vehicles')->ignore($vehicle->id ?? null)],
        'brand' => ['required'],

Specify a Vehicle seeder in the DatabaseSeeder class:

    'email' => '',


Note that I've added a User seeder here as well, which we will use to log in with using the password password after.

Add some data table columns in the VehicleDataTable class:

protected function getColumns()
    return [

Add form fields in the vehicles/form.blade.php view file:

<x-form-input label="{{ __('Name') }}" name="name"/>
<x-form-input label="{{ __('Brand') }}" name="brand"/>

Run a fresh automatic migration command with seeding:

php artisan migrate:auto --fresh --seed

You can specify --fresh and/or --seed in the migrate:auto command in order to run fresh migrations and/or seed afterwards.

Now you should be able to login to your app and click on the Vehicles link in the navbar to perform CRUD operations on the seeded data.

To get an idea how the automatic routing works, check out the VehicleController. After updating controller methods, use php artisan route:list to see your route info.