mongodb driver via hyperf/gotask

v0.2.6 2022-02-21 02:18 UTC

This package is auto-updated.

Last update: 2022-07-21 03:12:42 UTC


reasno/fastmongo is the a coroutine-based mongodb client for Hyperf, powered by hyperf/gotask.


composer require reasno/fastmongo
  • MongoDB extension is required.
  • MongoDB > 4.0
  • MongoDB PHP library is NOT required.
  • Go is NOT required.


Just set the environmental variable MONGODB_URI. (Defaults to mongodb://

You may also use php bin/hyperf.php vendor:publish reasno/fastmongo to export a configuration.

API List

namespace App\Controller;

use Hyperf\GoTask\MongoClient\MongoClient;

class IndexController
    public function index(MongoClient $client)
        $col = $client->my_database->my_col;
        $col->insertOne(['gender' => 'male', 'age' => 18]);
        $col->insertMany([['gender' => 'male', 'age' => 20], ['gender' => 'female', 'age' => 18]]);
        $col->findOne(['gender' => 'male']);
        $col->find(['gender' => 'male'], ['skip' => 1, 'limit' => 1]);
        $col->updateOne(['gender' => 'male'], ['$inc' => ['age' => 1]]);
        $col->updateMany(['gender' => 'male'], ['$inc' => ['age' => 1]]);
        $col->replaceOne(['gender' => 'female'], ['gender' => 'female', 'age' => 15]);
              ['$match' => ['gender' => 'male']],
              ['$group' => ['_id' => '$gender', 'total' => ['$sum' => '$age']]],
        $col->deleteOne(['gender' => 'male']);
        $col->deleteMany(['age' => 15]);
        // if there is a command not yet supported, use runCommand or runCommandCursor.
        $client->my_database->runCommand(['ping' => 1]);
        return $client->my_database->runCommandCursor(['listCollections' => 1]); 


This package makes use of hyperf/gotask to achieve coroutine.

In hyperf/gotask v2.1.0 a new mongodb package is added. Normally GoTask requires you to do some coding in Go. However this approach demands some proficiency in Go, which can be prohibitive. reasno/fastmongo is a prebuilt version of the newly added mongodb package. It vendors the Go binary for you so you don't have to compile your own.

This package only exposes a very simple yet optimized configuration interface. Should more customization be needed, checkout out the original hyperf/gotask.

Please do not turn on hyperf/gotask and this package at the same time.

Future Scope

  • More mongodb commands can be added. Please feel free to create issues or submit your PRs to hyperf/gotask.