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This is the Complianz GitHub repository. The Only Privacy Suite for WordPress. We welcome everyone to work together creating a privacy-friendly website experience.

The Privacy Suite for WordPress

At Complianz we are working towards a full-featured privacy suite for all WordPress users to comply with the privacy guideliness for their targeted regions. And we try to make it as easy as possible, while respecting the different guidelines and variability. As privacy is not an easy subject we highly appreciate any feedback, pull requests and issues to further simplify this subject and improve our product, and therefore privacy-friendly websites world-wide and happy users.

Developers Guide and Contributions

If you're a developer and want to help out, please feel free to contribute anyway you can. We respond to any pull request or issue on Github. Start with reading the developers guide to get a head start.

Bug report: Please start an issue, and if you have a fix a pull request. Please explain your issue clearly, and use comments when adding a pull request. Your contribution will be acknowledges on

New Features: New features can also be assigned to issues. If you want to add a new feature, please see if you can add it to our integrations hub.

Translations: Looking for your own language to be improved or added? Contact support if you want to be a premium contributor, or make your first changes on


For support we kindly ask you to start at our support forum and our documentation at If you can't find a solution, do not hesitate to ask either on the forum or log a suppor ticket.

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