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There are a limited amount of included HTML views/pages.

Views are designed using Twitter Bootstrap and AngularJS.

Views are design to be mostly independent of the framework (MVC move to Angular and data is deliver VIA REST/JSON API).

Available Views

  • Rcm User Admin Acl:

  • View for creating and editing roles and rules

  • Requires access to resource: rcmuser-acl-administration

  • Rcm User Admin Users:

  • View for administrating User data

  • Requires access to resource: rcmuser-user-administration



Copyright Reliv' International, Inc. 2015

Project homepage:


Project author:

James Jervis jjervis@relivinc.com https://github.com/reliv


Addition Default Views

Story: As a user I should have access to edit my own user profile for certain fields based on configurable rules So that I may update my profile data

  • User can edit own profile

As a user I should have access to a login page So that i can log in to the site

As a user I should have be able to securely reset my password So that I can get into my account if I forget or lose my password

  • Standard email link to password reset

Admin Edit Profile Updates

Story: As User when I access a user profile edit page I should see a list of links or tabs to other profile data So I can have quick access to all my user properties

  • User property links on user edit/profile pages:
  • Simple Interface to register profiles with links

Admin Role and Rule UI Updates

Story: As a Administrator I should be able to paginate and filter Role and User lists on the Admin screens So that I can quickly and efficiently edit Users and Roles

  • Admin User list should paginate and filter from server-side
  • Implement data mapper method for:
  • findBy(array $criteria, array $orderBy = null, $limit = null, $offset = null)