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ZF2 based APIs using REST/JSON

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ZF2 based APIs using REST/JSON


This module exposes several APIs for user administration. The APIs are not comprehensive, but they do allow for some user and ACL management. The admin APIs require access rules to be set in order to access (@see ACL section).

For a complete list of the APIs, please see the RcmUser/config/module.config.php file, routes section. API standard return is a result object containing a code, message and the data.

Controller Plugins and View Helpers

  • rcmUserIsAllowed($resourceId, $privilege = null, $providerId = null) (plugin and helper)

  • Alias of RcmUserService::isAllowed()

  • rcmUserHasRoleBasedAccess($roleId) (plugin and helper)

  • Alias of RcmUserService::hasRoleBasedAccess()

  • rcmUserGetCurrentUser($default = null) (plugin and helper)

  • Alias of RcmUserService::getIdentity()

controller plug-in and view helper for isAllowed (rcmUserIsAllowed for plug-in and helper)

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Copyright Reliv' International, Inc. 2015

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James Jervis jjervis@relivinc.com https://github.com/reliv



As DevOpts I should have access to REST/JSON APIs So that I may securely perform RcmUser actions VIA web clients

Security Updates

Story: As and Auditor I can access a log of actions performed on users and roles by administrators So that I track admin user changes

  • Implement logging audit trail for user creates and saves
  • might create event listeners or do at the service level
  • Logging of actions for security audits