Razorpay PHP Client Library

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Official PHP library for Razorpay API.

Read up here for getting started and understanding the payment flow with Razorpay: https://docs.razorpay.com/docs/getting-started


  • A minimum of PHP 7.3 upto 8.1


  • If your project using composer, run the below command
composer require razorpay/razorpay:2.*
  • If you are not using composer, download the latest release from the releases section. You should download the razorpay-php.zip file. After that, include Razorpay.php in your application and you can use the API as usual.

##Note: This PHP library follows the following practices:

  • Namespaced under Razorpay\Api
  • API throws exceptions instead of returning errors
  • Options are passed as an array instead of multiple arguments wherever possible
  • All requests and responses are communicated over JSON


Documentation of Razorpay's API and their usage is available at https://docs.razorpay.com

Basic Usage

Instantiate the razorpay php instance with key_id & key_secret. You can obtain the keys from the dashboard app (https://dashboard.razorpay.com/#/app/keys)

use Razorpay\Api\Api;

$api = new Api($api_key, $api_secret);

The resources can be accessed via the $api object. All the methods invocations follows the following pattern

    // $api->class->function() to access the API

Supported Resources


See the doc.md file for getting started with development.


Steps to follow for a release:

  1. Merge the branch with the new code to master.
  2. Bump the Version in src/Api.php.
  3. Rename Unreleased to the new tag in CHANGELOG.md
  4. Add a new empty "Unreleased" section at the top of CHANGELOG.md
  5. Fix links at bottom in CHANGELOG.md
  6. Commit
  7. Tag the release and push to GitHub
  8. A release should automatically be created once the travis build passes. Edit the release to add some description.


The Razorpay PHP SDK is released under the MIT License. See LICENSE file for more details.