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Laravel queue enhancements, failure handling & retries.

3.0.0 2021-03-31 16:11 UTC


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  1. Makes Laravel's dispatchers which are buses, events & mailable, transaction
    aware. I.e. dispatching events, jobs or mailable, be it queued or sync in
    complex flows, inside nested transaction etc will work as normal expectation.

  2. Makes Laravel's queued dispatcher to log failures to redis storage and
    adds support for re attempting those failed remote pushes.
    Because of a minor
    in framework's code the logging queue push failures part errors right.
    now. Please wait while a workaround is added.


Thanks to framework's design which allows extending any service of its easily
and within limits.

The library extends a very few methods of events, mailer, dispatcher, queue
factory & queue services of framework. The extending is done via decoration
pattern instead of sub-classing.


Install using composer

composer require jitendra/lqext

Copy configuration

cp vendor/jitendra/lqext/src/config.php config/lqext.php

Transaction aware dispatching

Besides whitelisting dispatch-able names in above config file, we can use below
trait in any of job, mailable classes.

class Job
    use \Jitendra\Lqext\TransactionAware;

    // ...

Logging queue push failures

Uses default redis connection and maintains log of jobs which failed push to
remote service in a list. Also Laravel's queue manager will have a method now
to retery failed pushes.

// Retry last 1k failed to push jobs. You could add a controller or write a  
// CLI command and invoke this method call from there.