Services for Puppy framework

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Basic services for Puppy framework.


$ composer require raphhh/puppy-service


Service for Symfony\Component\HttpFoundation\Session\Session.


Service for Twig_Environment.

Note that the services are accessible in twig templates with the global variable "services".

Twig has also a filter "link". This filter prepends the config "baseUrl" to a link.

<a href="{{ 'my/page'|link }}">click here</a>

Config options

  • 'template.directory.main' => path to the directory of the template files.
  • 'template.directory.cache' => path to the directory of the cache of the template files.
  • 'template.debug' => indicates if the debug mode is enable in the template.
  • 'baseUrl' => gives the base url to apply for the twig filter "link".
  • 'session.sessionStorageClass' => name of the class to handle the session storage.
  • 'session.attributeBagClass' => name of the class to handle the attributes session.
  • 'session.flashBagClass' => name of the class to handle the flash session.