CakePHP plugin for read claims on jwt token

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CakePHP 3.6+ Component to read claims of JWT on Authorization


composer require ramosisw/cakephp-jwt-claims


Setup ClaimsComponent:

    // In your controller, for e.g. src/Controller/AppController.php
    public function initialize()
        //Config JWT with ADmad Plugin for more info see https://github.com/ADmad/cakephp-jwt-auth
        $this->loadComponent('Auth', [/*..*/]);
        //Load Claims component
            'claims_key' => 'data', //name where is claims on JWT Payload
            //Wath claims be read
            'data' => [
                'user_id', 'user_email', 'user_name'


To read claims on route that user can access

    public function index(){
        //read user email sends on token
        //set claims to use on view
        $this->set('Claims', $this->Claims);

Token Generation

You can use \Firebase\JWT\JWT::encode() of the firebase/php-jwt lib, which this plugin depends on, to generate tokens.

The payload should have the "sub" (subject) claim whos value is used to query the Users model and find record matching the "id" field.

Generate Claims

    public function generateToken($user){
        $token = \Firebase\JWT\JWT::encode([
                'sub' => $user['id'],
                'exp' => time() + 604800,
                'data' => [
                    'user_id' => $user['id'],
                    'user_email' => $user['email'],
                    'user_name' => $user['username']
        ], \Cake\Utility\Security::getSalt());
        return $token;