A RAML parser built in php

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See the RAML specification.

RAML 0.8 Support

For RAML 0.8 support follow version 2.

RAML 1.0 Support

For RAML 1.0 support follow version 3 or above. RAML 1.0 support is still work in progress.

What is done and should work:

  • Part of RAML 1.0 type expressions
  • Enums
  • Union type expression (the "or" | operator)
  • Array of types
  • discriminator and discriminatorValue facets
  • Traits inheritance

To be implemented:

Get started


composer require raml-org/raml-php-parser
$parser = new \Raml\Parser();
$apiDef = $parser->parse($filename, true);

$title = $apiDef->getTitle();

Parsing schemas

The library can convert schemas into an validation object. There is a default list, or they can be configured manually. Each schema parser needs to conform to Raml\Schema\SchemaParserInterface and will return a instance of Raml\Schema\SchemaDefinitionInterface.

Additional parsers and schema definitions can be created and passed into the Raml\Parser constructor

Exporting routes

It is also possible to export the entire RAML file to an array of the full endpoints. For example, considering a basic RAML, this can be returned using:

$parser = new \Raml\Parser();
$api = $parser->parse('tests/fixture/simple.raml');

$routes = $api->getResourcesAsUri();

To return:

    GET /songs => ...
    POST /songs => ...
    GET /songs/{songId} => ...
    DELETE /songs/{songId} => ...

$routes = $api->getResourcesAsUri(new \Raml\RouteFormatter\NoRouteFormatter());

Route Formatters

There are two Route Formatters included in the package:

  • NoRouteFormatter which does nothing and simply echoes the result
  • SymfonyRouteFormatter which adds the routes to a Symfony RouteCollection


composer run-static-analysis
composer check-code-style
composer run-tests