Raindrop Locale Symfony2 Bundle

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This bundle is a fork of LuneticsLocaleBundle which allows you to guess the Locale from different parameters in your Symfony2 applications.


Add the package to your dependencies

"require": {
    "raindrop/locale-bundle": "dev-master",

Register the bundle in your kernel

public function registerBundles()
        $bundles = array(
            // ...
            new Raindrop\LocaleBundle\RaindropLocaleBundle(),

Update your packages

php composer.phar update raindrop/locale-bundle


Allowed locales for your application

You need to define at least one valid locale that is valid for your application

    - en
    - fr
    - de

Strict Mode

  strict_mode: true # defaults to false

You can enable strict_mode, where only the exact allowed locales will be matched. For example:

  • If your user has a browser locale with de_DE and de, and you only explicitly allow de, the locale de will be chosen.
  • If your user has a browser locale with de and you only explicitly allow de_DE, no locale will be detected.

We encourage you to use the non-strict mode, that'll also choose the best region locale for your user.


You need to activate and define the order of the locale guessers. This is done in one step in the configuration :

    - session
    - cookie
    - browser
    - query
    - router

With the example above, the guessers will be called in the order you defined as 1. session 2. cookie 2. router 3. browser.

Note that the session and cookie guessers only retrieve previously identified and saved locales by the router or browser guesser.

If you use the _locale parameter as attribute/parameter in your routes, you should use the query and router guesser first.

    - query
    - router
    - session
    - cookie
    - browser

Locale Cookies / Session

The session and cookie guesser is usually used when you do not use locales in the uri's and you guess it from the user browser preferences. When doing this,

it is good to set session and/or cookie as the first guesser to not try to detect the locale at each request.


If you use the cookie guesser, it will be automatically read from the cookie and write changes into the cookie anytime the locale has changed (Even from another guesser)

    set_on_change: true

This is most useful for unregistered and returning visitors.


The session guesser will automatically save a previously identified locale into the session and retrieve it from the session. This guesser should always be first in your guessing_order configuration if you don't use the router guesser.

FilterLocaleSwitchEvent / LocaleUpdateListener

The LocaleGuesserManager dispatches a LocaleBundleEvents::onLocalChange if you use either the 'session' or cookie guesser. The LocaleUpdateListeners checks if the locale has changed and updates the session or cookie.

For example, if you don't use route / query parameters for locales, you could build an own listener for your user login, which dispatches a LocaleBundleEvents::onLocalChange event to set the locale for your user. You just have to use the FilterLocaleSwitchEvent and set the locale.

$locale = $user->getLocale();
$localeSwitchEvent = new FilterLocaleSwitchEvent($locale);
$this->dispatcher->dispatch(LocaleBundleEvents::onLocaleChange, $localeSwitchEvent);

Custom Guessers

Read more about creating your own guesser here:

Read the full documentation for creating a custom Locale Guesser

Switch to another locale

You can render a default locale switcher, simply by calling the twig function in your template :

{{ locale_switcher() }}

Read the full documentation for the switcher