Generic silex multi config service service provider.

2.0.0 2016-01-25 01:24 UTC

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The master branch now depends on Silex 2. 
For Silex 1.x applications use the 1.x version(s).

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Managed services is a Silex service provider that allows to manage a given service for multiple configurations.

If you find yourself writing new service providers just to wrap another service class with multiple different configurations in a single application, then this might be for you.


Managed services works similar to the DoctrineServiceProvider. It allows to configure multiple instances of a service with different options.

Instead of writing a new custom service provider for each service (even 3rd party) just wrap them in an instance of ManagedServiceProvider.


The recommended way to install managed-services is through composer.

Install the latest version with:

$ composer require radebatz/managed-service

Alternatively, you can download the managed-service.zip file and extract it.


Managed service comes with a (comprehensive) set of unit tests.

To run the test suite, you will need PHPUnit.


Managed service is licensed under the MIT license.