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CakePHP plugin for handling surveys

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Template for building CakePHP 3 plugins.

This plugin is developed by Qobo for Qobrix. It can be used as standalone CakePHP plugin, or as part of the project-template-cakephp installation.


Pull the template code into your plugin:

composer require qobo/cakephp-survey


Load plugin

bin/cake plugin load --bootstrap --routes Qobo/Survey

or manually add it to config/bootstrap.php:

Plugin::load('Qobo/Survey', ['routes' => true, 'bootstrap' => true]);

Survey plugin also uses ADmad/cakephp-sequence plugin for Questions/Answers ordering as part of qobo/cakephp-utils setup. In order to enable that feature don't forget to load it in APP/config/bootstrap.php:


In order for the plugin to work correctly, you should also run DB migrations:

./bin/cake migrations migrate --plugin Qobo/Survey

Surveys plugin is designed for the systems, that use authorised users, so you might run into few glitches on a plain CakePHP installation if you don't have native AuthComponent enabled.

We use qobo/cakephp-utils plugin as a generic toolset provider. It contains CakeDC/Users plugin to handle authentication/authorisation for the users.

The plugin was designed with AdminLTE theme in mind, so you can enable it as well using:

//inside config/bootstrap.php add:
Plugin::load('AdminLTE', ['bootstrap' => true, 'routes' => true]);
//in your AppController.php:
public function beforeFilter(Event $event)
  $this->viewBuilder()->layout('adminlte'); // copy adminlte.ctp to your src/Template/Layout/ directory from the plugin.

Note: Qobo provides qobo/project-template-cakephp repository where you can find some of the company plugins already pre-configured and used.


For bugs and feature requests, please use the issues section of this repository.