Clean meta data in PDF files on upload

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1.0.1 2022-11-18 14:58 UTC

This package is auto-updated.

Last update: 2024-05-18 18:27:22 UTC


This extension will clean any PDF file uploaded to the TYPO3 system, but only with the default options. Please read the following section carefully for all details.

Important to know

This extension removes all metadata information in uploaded PDF files. It requires exiftool and qpdf command line utilities to be available:

# ddev
ddev config --webimage-extra-packages=libimage-exiftool-perl,qpdf

# Fedora (RPM)
sudo dnf install perl-Image-ExifTool qpdf

# Debian (dpkg)
sudo apt install libimage-exiftool-perl qpdf

Update wizard

Running the update wizard processes roughly 10gb/hour, so make sure to run it via SSH/CLI.

Make a backup first:

mkdir -p ../fileadmin_pdf_backup/
rsync -avz --include '*.pdf' --exclude '*.*' fileadmin/ ../fileadmin_pdf_backup/

Then run the wizard:

php -d memory_limit=1G -d error_log=syslog \
    typo3/sysext/core/bin/typo3 upgrade:run 'Qbus\Pdfclean\Updates\CleanExistingPDF'

Also make sure to disable extensions that hook into FAL operations and clear caches in between, they will result in a massive slowdown. (Example: fs_media_gallery)

What this extension does

  • Hooks into FAL API: ResourceFactory::addFile() and ResourceFactory::replaceFile()
  • Hooks into FAL API: ResourceStorage::setFileContents()
  • Hooks into DataHandler: Handling files for group/select function
  • Hooks into GeneralUtility::upload_copy_move()
  • Hooks into GeneralUtility::upload_to_tempfile()
  • Provide an upgrade wizard for existing PDF files (please read the warnings in the upgrade wizard carefully)


This extension can only sanitize the files if the upload is done in one of the ways described above. For example, if a third-party extension allows to upload files and does not use the core APIs described above, the PDF cleaner will not run.


Thanks to the TYPO3 GmbH and their t3g/svg-sanitizer extension which provided the technical basis for this extension.