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Neos package to configure the visibility of inspector elements using privileges

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This package allows you to configure the visibility of inspector elements, like properties, groups and tabs using policies. With that you can configure the visibility of these elements according to the users roles.

CAUTION: Although this is done with policies, this is not a security feature!

If you prevent a user from editing nodes, you aditionally need to define policies with an EditNodePropertyPrivilege for example.


The installation is done with composer:

composer require punktde/inspectorvisibility


The matcher can be defined using standard eel. The following properties to match for are available:

  • nodeTypeName
  • tabName
  • groupName
  • propertyName

If no policy is matching for a role, the configured visibility is used. Same, if a permission is set to ABSTAIN.


Example Policy.yaml


      matcher: "${tabName == 'meta' && groupName == 'nodeInfo'}"

        privilegeTarget: 'PunktDe.InspectorVisibility:AdminFields'
        permission: DENY

Matcher Examples

  • Adress all uriPathSegment properties: matcher: "${propertyName == 'uriPathSegment'}
  • Adress all meta tabs of all nodeTypes "${tabName == 'meta'}"
  • Address all title fields of a specific type matcher: "${nodeTypeName == 'Neos.Demo:Registration' && propertyName == 'title'}"