This package is abandoned and no longer maintained. No replacement package was suggested.

Extension of SensioGeneratorBundle

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This bundle is an extension of SensioGeneratorBundle.

⚠ This bundle is abandoned and no longer maintained. Use MakerBundle instead.

It adds many functionality on top of it, and corrects some minor issues:

  • main block name customizable in layout
  • @ParamConverter in actions
  • different format for dates/times/datetimes
  • include relation fields in show and index templates
  • shorter form names
  • real entity names instead of "$entity" in actions and templates
  • translated texts
  • support for form themes (customizable)
  • default templates suitable with Boostrap and Font Awesome
  • nice "check" icons for boolean fields (when using Font Awesome)
  • support for pagination (requires KnpPaginatorBundle)
  • support for filters (requires LexikFormFilterBundle)
  • support for sorting
  • better generated tests
  • fixtures generation


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This bundle is released under the LGPL license. See the complete license text.


PUGXGeneratorBundle is a PUGX initiative.

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For screenshots examples, see PUGXGeneratorBundleSandbox.