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PublishingKit/Config is a simple config container. It can parse the following formats:

  • PHP files (useful for dynamic stuff that can change based on the environment)
  • ini files
  • YAML files


Via Composer

$ composer require publishing-kit/config


You can simply pass in an array for the configuration:

$values = [
    'foo' => 'bar'
$config = new PublishingKit\Config\Config($values);
echo $config->get('foo'); // returns 'bar'

However, in practice you're unlikely to do this. Instead, you will normally use the named constructors to create the config from a file:

$config = PublishingKit\Config\Config::fromFile('config.php');
$multiConfig = PublishingKit\Config\Config::fromFiles([

Once you have a config object, you can check for existence with the has() method, and get the value with the get() method, or as a property:

$config->has('foo'); // returns true
$config->get('foo'); // returns 'bar'
$config->foo; // returns 'bar'

Since the config object implements ArrayAccess and IteratorAggregate, you can also loop over them or access properties using array notation.

Config objects are immutable and so cannot be changed once created.

Change log

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$ composer test


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