This extension adds a plugin to list merchant records.

1.5.0 2021-04-19 13:38 UTC



  • TYPO3 9.5


This extension adds a plugin to list merchant records and a command to import merchant data of a .CSV file.

How to install?

  • Activate the extension via the extensions module.
  • Include the static typoscript file.
  • Get and install yarn
  • Get and install composer
  • Navigate to the root of the extension and run:
    yarn install && composer install

Import file structure

"123";"PSVneo";"Internet, SEO, Programmierung";"Musterweg 129";"12345";"Siegen";"12345/000000";"12345/000000";"";"1"

Google maps - API Errors

Errors occurring by using the google maps API are logged to typo3temp/var/log/psvneo_merchants.import.log.

Merchant sync command usage

vendor/bin/typo3 psvneo_merchants:import CSVPATH PID


CSVPATHThe path to the import file (can be relative)public/fileadmin/merchants.csv
PIDThe storage PID of the merchants255