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This package is auto-updated.

Last update: 2022-01-16 16:30:04 UTC


This package contains a binary to run qs tools.

Contained tools

  • phpunit
  • phpcs
  • php-cs-fixer
  • phpstan
  • phpmd
  • psalm
  • typoscript linter

How to use

You can run the binary with the following options:

    -s <...>
        Specifies which test suite to run
            - build: Builds the project (composer).
            - lint: Lints php and typoscript files. Also finds usages of debug calls.
            - unit (default): PHP unit tests.
            - functional (default): PHP functional tests.
            - quality: executes code quality checks (phpstan, phpcs, phpmd).
            - fix: Fixes some quality errors automatically.

    -p <7.2>
        Specifies the PHP minor version to be used
            - 7.2 (default): use PHP 7.2

    -e "<phpunit options>"
        Only with -s functional|unit
        Additional options to send to phpunit (unit & functional tests).
        Starting with "--" must be added after options starting with "-".
        Example -e "-v --filter canRetrieveValueWithGP" to enable verbose output AND filter tests
        named "canRetrieveValueWithGP"

    -c <...>
        Path to custom configuration directory.
        This path has to provide all available configuration files!

        Show this help.

    # Run unit tests.
    vendor/bin/qs -s unit