Markdown parsing in SilverStripe templates

0.1.2 2017-01-15 14:52 UTC


Markdown parsing in SilverStripe templates. Inlcuding the ability to render GitHub flavoured markdown.

Important: Name has changed from Markdown to MarkdownParser

To enable interoperability with the markdown field in Silverstripe Markdown, I renamed the parser class from Markdown to MarkdownParser. This cange is made in version 0.1.


  • Silverstripe 2 or newer
  • PHP 5.2 or newer


Install with composer:

  $ composer require pstaender/silverstripe-markdown-parser dev-master

… or download / clone the repository into your silverstripe project.

Finally flush the silverstripe cache via /?flush=all for the changes to take effect.


Now you can convert any DataObject strings to html with the markdown parser:


Use extra markdown options

To use extended support of markdown you can switch the flag useExtraMarkdown in your config.yml (it's deactivated by default):

  useExtraMarkdown: true

Alternatively trough Markdown::$useExtraMarkdown = true;.


Run tests with:

  $ sake dev/tests/module/markdownparser

Copyright and License

It's using the Parsedown parser written by Emanuil Rusev under the MIT License.

This module is under the GNU General Public License v2.