QA tools for Drupal.

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4.5.0-alpha2 2024-04-04 13:45 UTC

This package is auto-updated.

Last update: 2024-04-18 06:49:48 UTC


Set of modules and libraries and configurations that helps quality assurance in Drupal.

Automated tasks executed when this plugin is installed

Available commands

Drupal QA commands

  • composer drupalqa:phpcs:config-install - installs Pronovix's PHP CodeSniffer configuration for Drupal projects (the plugin tries to install it automatically when it gets installed)
  • composer drupalqa:testrunner:download - installs latest version of Pronovix's TestRunner Go application from Github. (You can avoid API rate limit error if you configure your Github OAuth access token.)
  • drupalqa:phpstan:ensure-configs-exist ensures base configurations for PHPStan (stored in ./config/skeletons/) are available in Composer project root

3rd-party commands

  • composer normalize - Normalizes the composer.json (provided by localheinz/composer-normalize)
  • ./vendor/bin/twigcs - Checks TWIG files for violations on coding standards. (provided by friendsoftwig/twigcs)
  • ./vendor/bin/phpstan - PHP static analysis tool. (provided by phpstan/phpstan)

Packages included

Code quality


Plus various other packages (like Drupal Coder, PHPUnit, etc.) required by webflo/drupal-core-require-dev.

Development notes

ALL classes, interfaces in this project are internal and not meant to be used by other projects. No backward-compatibility promise is given for these.

Running QA checks:

  • First fix auto-fixable issues with composer lint:fix && composer static:fix
  • then run checkscomposer lint:check && composer static:check