An assetmanager module for HumusMVC, based on RWOverdijk/AssetManager

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Based on AssetManager by Wesley Overdijk and Marco Pivetta


This module is intended for usage with a default directory structure of a HumusMvcSkeletonApplication. It provides functionality to load assets and static files from your module directories through simple configuration. This allows you to avoid having to copy your files over to the public/ directory, and makes usage of assets very similar to what already is possible with view scripts, which can be overridden by other modules. In a nutshell, this module allows you to package assets with your module working out of the box.


Require HumusMvcAssetManager via composer:

./composer.phar require prolic/humus-mvc-assetmanager
#when asked for a version, type "dev-master" or "1.*". The latter being prefered.


Take a look at the wiki for a quick start and more information. A lot, if not all of the topics, have been covered in-dept there.