A starter kit for Drupal projects.

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Use this project as a template for working on Drupal core and contrib modules.


Most of the dev tools are in the php Docker container, but you will need one or two out side of that.

This includes:

If you don't have these installed, then follow the instructions for your specific platform.


Download and install Homebrew follow the online instructions.

Add the php tap:

brew tap homebrew/homebrew-php
brew install git composer php71 php71-mcrypt php71-xdebug




To create a new project in a directory called `myproject' run the following command.

composer create-project --no-install -s dev previousnext/drupal-project myproject


You will need to install Docker and related tools.

OS-specific Installation


Download and install Docker for Mac


Download and install Docker for Windows

Download and install Make for Windows


You know what you're doing, right?

Docker Compose

Due to networking, and file system performance issues in Docker for Mac, you need a slightly different docker-compose.yml file for MacOS. To simplify your commands, we recommend creating an alias in ~/.bashrc such as:

alias dc='docker-compose -f docker-compose.osx.yml'

To start the container, run:

dc up -d

Setup and Install Drupal

For simplicity, run all commands from within the php container. You can get shell access via:

dc exec app bash

To initialise your local dev environment run the following:

make install

Developer Options

To set up common developer options, run:

make devify

Install a contrib module

The easiest way to install a contrib module to work on is via composer.

For example, to work on pathauto, type the following:

composer require drupal/pathauto --prefer-source


To run tests, run:

make test