WordPress plugin for showing or hiding Gutenberg blocks depending on context.

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0.1.1 2019-03-03 15:13 UTC

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Last update: 2024-04-04 17:19:54 UTC


A WordPress plugin to show or hide WordPress editor (Gutenberg) blocks in context.

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Source of the Gutenberg Block Context plugin for WordPress.



  • Search for "Block Context" under "Plugins → Add New" in your WordPress dashboard.

  • Install as a Composer dependency:

    composer require preseto/block-context

Feature Roadmap

See the roadmap.


  1. Clone the plugin repository:

    git clone
    cd block-context
  2. Setup the development environment and tools using Node.js and Composer:

    npm install
  3. Start a virtual testing environment using Vagrant and VirtualBox:

    vagrant up

    which will be available at http://blockcontext.local after provisioning (username: admin, password: password).

  4. Build the plugin JS and CSS assets:

    npm run build


Block Context settings


Created by Kaspars Dambis.