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Nette service for comunication with ELMS distribution service (

0.0.5 2017-08-04 08:24 UTC


ELMS Servis API communication service. It serves to create an order for sending the stored goods to the end customer.


composer require premekkoch/elms-service


1. Register new extension in config.neon

	elms: PremekKoch\Elms\DI\ElmsExtension

2. Set-up extension in config.neon

	orderSourceCode: 'yourClientCodeFromElmsServis' 
	debugMode: false  # in debug mode no data are send

How to use

1. Inject an service into presenter or somewhere you need

	/** @var PremekKoch\Elms\ElmsService @inject */
	public $elmsService;

2. Set a customer and order data

Start with creating order and customer basic data:

	$this->elmsService->createOrder('123', 'INV_123', false, ElmsService::CURRENCY_CZK);
	$this->elmsService->addCustomer('Jan', 'Novák', 'Dlouhá 5', 'Dlouhá Lhota', '12345', ElmsService::COUNTRY_CZE);

You can set another customer properties:

	$this->elmsService->setCustomerCompany('Firma s.r.o.', '123456789', 'CZ123456789');
	$this->elmsService->setCustomerContact('', '+420777666555');

or even diferent delivery address. You can set any part of delivery address separately. If delivery address is not set, shipping will be provided to customer`s address.

	$this->elmsService->setCustomerDeliveryName('Jana', 'Nováková');
	$this->elmsService->setCustomerDeliveryAddress('Krátká 8', 'Krátká Lhota', '54321', ElmsService::COUNTRY_SVK);
	$this->elmsService->setCustomerDeliveryCompany('Jana Nováková OSVČ');
	$this->elmsService->setCustomerDeliveryContact('', '+421777888999');

Next you must specify products to delivery. You can add more products, minimaly you must set one product and shipping:

	$this->elmsService->addProduct('Product PLU', 1234.56, 1, 21);
	$this->elmsService->addProduct(ElmsService::DELIVERY_CPOSTRR, 55, 1, 21);

Alternatively, you can set products in bulk:

			'plu' => 'Product PLU',
			'price' => 1234.56,
			'amount' => 1,
			'vat' => 21,
			'plu' => ElmsService::DELIVERY_CPOSTRR,
			'price' => 55,
			'amount' => 1,
			'vat' => 21,

You can add special product items:

	// Discount 100 CZK (value or ammount must be negative)
	$this->elmsService->addDiscount(-100, 1, 21);
	// Rounding (-0.99 to +0.99)

Remember: when you use CZK and cashOnDelivery, you must round an order to integers. In order cases (EURs or not cashOnDelivery) use two decimals maximally.

3. Send an order

	catch (PremekKoch\Elms\ElmsException $exc){
		// something goes wrong... 			

When send fails, API returns only brief error. Email with whole request and problems descriptions should arrive from ELMS Servis soon - they checks every failed request manually.