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Google2FA QRCode

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QRCode For Google2FA

This is package is Goole2FA integrated with a QRCode generator, providing an easy way to plot QRCode for your two factor authentication. For documentation related to Google2FA, please check the documentation of the main package.


  • PHP 5.4+


Use Composer to install it:

composer require pragmarx/google2fa-qrcode

Using It

Instantiate it directly

use PragmaRX\Google2FAQRCode\Google2FA;
$google2fa = new Google2FA();
return $google2fa->generateSecretKey();

Generating QRCodes

The securer way of creating QRCode is to do it yourself or using a library. First you have to install the BaconQrCode package, as stated above, then you just have to generate the inline string using:

$inlineUrl = $google2fa->getQRCodeInline(

And use it in your blade template this way:

<img src="{{ $inlineUrl }}">
$secretKey = $google2fa->generateSecretKey(16, $userId);

Show the QR Code to your user, via Google Apis

It's insecure to use it via Google Apis, so you have to enable it before using it.


$google2fa_url = $google2fa->getQRCodeGoogleUrl(

/// and in your view:

<img src="{{ $google2fa_url }}" alt="">

And they should see and scan the QR code to their applications:


And to verify, you just have to:

$secret = $request->input('secret');

$valid = $google2fa->verifyKey($user->google2fa_secret, $secret);

Replacing the QRCode rendering service

If you want to use a different service, you just have to

$google2fa->setQrcodeService(new YourService())

Built-in QRCode rendering services

Beginning on version 2.0 the rendering service is optional, so you have to manually install one of those packages in order to generate QRCodes:

  • BaconQrCode: renders PNG by default, but requires the Imagick PHP extension. You can configure it to use different backends, but you'll have to instantiate it yourself.
  • chillerlan/php-qrcode: renders SVG by default and don't require the Imagick PHP extension, but can also generate other formats, which may require Imagick.

Using a diffent image backend

    new \PragmaRX\Google2FAQRCode\QRCode\Bacon(
        new \BaconQrCode\Renderer\Image\SvgImageBackEnd()

// or 

$google2fa = new Google2FA(
    new Bacon(
        new \BaconQrCode\Renderer\Image\SvgImageBackEnd()


The package tests were written with PHPUnit.



Google2FAQRCode is licensed under the MIT License - see the LICENSE file for details.


Pull requests and issues are more than welcome.