A PHP 5.3+ Online Translation/Localization System

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An Online Translation/Localization System for Laravel Web Artisans

Check out Glottos Admin, a full featured site translation system built with Glottos.

A quick overview of what you are able to do with it:

// Use the Facade to set a locale


// And just use it

Glottos::translate('Laravel is a PHP Framework');

// There's a helper

g('Laravel is a PHP Framework');

// Choose a particular locale

Glottos::translate('Laravel is a PHP Framework', 'pt_BR')

// or 

Glottos::translate('Laravel is a PHP Framework', 'pt-br')

// Glottos let you choose between keys and natural language:

Glottos::translate('natural::Laravel is a PHP Framework') 

// or you can just define your default as natural and use:

Glottos::translate('Laravel is a PHP Framework') 

// It will break your paragraphs in sentences

Glottos::translate('Laravel is a PHP Framework. Laravel was written by Taylor Otwell.')

// To not repeat itself, it will store those two sentences in your database:

'Laravel is a PHP Framework'
'Laravel was written by Taylor Otwell'

// Removing punctuation and special chars.

// With a simple blade trick 

Blade::extend(function ($view) {

	return preg_replace(
	                     '<?php echo Glottos::translate("$1"); ?>', $view


// You can use it beautifully in your Views:

<p>{{'Laravel is a PHP Framework'}}</p>

// You can still use the Lang Facade, Glottos has a compatible one


// And use choice

Lang::choice('Photography|Photographies', 100, array(), 'pt_BR')

Glottos::choice('Photography|Photographies', 100, array(), 'pt_BR')

// And dozens of other features, like importing your current language files

The idea behind this package is very simple: you need your web app to become multi-language fast so you better translate it all online, with some help from co-workers or the community.


Basically Glottos will create and sometimes populate a bunch of tables for

  • Countries - 127
  • Languages - 129
  • Locales - 323 - Each one with its proper regional language name
  • Messages - (is stores hashes of the primary message)
  • Translations - one row for each message x locale

Here's a view of how Laravel's messages are stored in the Admin site:

Laravel site messages in Glottos



  • Any flavour of PHP 5.3.7+ should do
  • [optional] PHPUnit to execute the test suite


Since Glottos depends on data layer it is a Laravel 4.x ready package, but it was coded to be as much agnostic as possible, so you can create new drivers and use it on your own frameworks. You can even send me PRs to add them to the main code.

With Composer

composer require pragmarx/glottos dev-master

Once this operation completes, add the service provider to your app/config/app.php:


Migrate Glottos tables:

php artisan migrate --package=pragmarx/glottos

Import your current language files:

php artisan glottos:import

And you should be good to go. Enjoy!


  • Add a real cache layer to it.
  • Add more frameworks and data access drivers.


Antonio Carlos Ribeiro - -

### License

Glottos is licensed under the MIT License - see the LICENSE file for details


Pull requests and issues are more than welcome.