Lib that helps the creation of PHP modules for the PPP

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Last update: 2023-06-05 20:45:50 UTC


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Use one of the below methods:

1 - Use composer to install the library and all its dependencies using the master branch:

composer require "ppp/libmodule":"dev-master"

2 - Create a composer.json file that just defines a dependency on version 0.2 of this package, and run 'composer install' in the directory:

    "require": {
        "ppp/ppp/libmodule"": "~0.2.0"


Here is a small usage example:

// Load everything
require_once(__DIR__ . "/vendor/autoload.php");

// A very simple class implementing RequestHandler interface
class MyRequestHandler implements PPP\Module\RequestHandler {
	public function buildResponse(PPP\Module\DataModel\ModuleRequest $request) {
		return new PPP\Module\DataModel\ModuleResponse(
			new PPP\DataModel\MissingNode(),

// Lets run the entry point!
$entryPoint = new PPP\Module\ModuleEntryPoint(new MyRequestHandler());