Yii 2 Skeleton Project Template


Yii 2 Skeleton is a skeleton (based on Yii 2 App Advanced) application best for developing complex Web applications with multiple tiers.

The template includes 4 tiers: front end, back end, api and console, each of which is a separate Yii application.

The template is designed to work in a team development environment. It supports deploying the application in different environments.

Note: Yii 2 Skeleton only supports MongoDB


  1. Unzip repository, edit composer.json to suit your needs, then run composer update or composer update --prefer-source
  2. Run init, update your database information, baseUrl in common/config/mail-local.php
  3. Run php yii mongodb-migrate --migrationPath=@console/migrations
  4. Run php yii setup
  5. Go to frontend and sign up for new account, admin role will be auto assigned
  6. Go to backend and update all settings (reCaptcha, API, SMTP...)
  7. Generate icons from http://realfavicongenerator.net/, upload favicon.ico to the root of your web site (frontend and backend)
  8. (optional) update gitHubPage in common/config/params-local.php if you want to use github to host favicon and images.

Web server config

frontend/web => domain.com backend/web => backend.domain.com api/web => api.domain.com

Google Login Authorized redirect URIs

https://domain.com/account/auth?authclient=google https://backend.domain.com/account/login/google