Tutorial Application for Pop PHP Framework

3.0.2 2018-01-29 23:04 UTC



This is a basic tutorial application for the Pop PHP Framework to demonstrate how to wire up some simple routes for a web-facing application and a CLI-based application.


Create a new project with it:

$ composer create-project popphp/popphp-tutorial project-folder

Or clone the repository and install it:

$ composer install

Once installed, the web access point is at public/index.php and the main CLI access point is at script/pop


You must change the permissions of the app/database and script folders and their contents to writable in order for the application to fully work.



While running the built-in PHP web server with php -S localhost:8000 -t public, try accessing the web application at these routes:


You should see the main home page with comment form at the bottom. You can submit a comment and see it added to the list of comments on the page.


Setting the script/pop script to be executable, you can test the CLI application like this:

$ ./script/pop help
$ ./script/pop show
$ ./script/pop delete

The first command shows the help screen; the second command shows any comments that have been posted; the third command allows you to select a post to delete.


  • The tutorial application uses the pop-db component to store the comments in a small SQLite database.
  • The tutorial application uses the pop-form component to create, render and validate the comment form.
  • The web application has a view folder, app/view, that holds the view scripts for web page display.
  • The web application is utilizing the pop-http component to leverage the HTTP request and response objects within the controller object.
  • The CLI application is utilizing the pop-console component to leverage it for parsing the CLI requests and returning the appropriate responses to the CLI.