Pomander plugin to deploy and manage Symfony2 sites

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This is a plugin to help fully manage your Symfony2 projects with the help of Pomander.

Pomander is a light-weight flexible deployment tool for deploying web applications. This project was inspired by Capistrano and Vlad the Deployer, as well as being built on top of Phake, a Rake clone.


$ composer require pomander/symfony2:@dev


  • vendor/bin/pom init if no configuration found.
  • Include plugin in environment config $env->load('Symfony2');
  • vendor/bin/pom -T to see the stuff.

Getting Started

  • vendor/bin/pom init
Modify your development.yml or development.php


	'env' => 'dev',
    'version' => '2.4.0',
    'task' => array(
        'permissions' => true,
        'parameters' => true,
        'composer' => true,
        'clear' => true,
        'assets' => true,
        'migrate' => false,
        'assetic' => false
    'parameters' => array(
        'database_driver' => 'pdo_mysql',
        'database_host' => '',
        'database_port' => '~',
        'database_name' => 'symfony',
        'database_user' => 'root',
        'database_password' => '~',
        'mailer_transport' => 'smtp',
        'mailer_host' => '',
        'mailer_user' => '~',
        'mailer_password' => '~',
        'locale' => 'en',
        'secret' => 'ThisTokenIsNotSoSecretChangeIt'

$env->repository('set your repository location here')
    ->deploy_to('set your application location on server')
  • vendor/bin/pom symfony2:setup

Commit and push the Symfony Standard Edition downloaded

  • vendor/bin/pom deploy:setup
  • vendor/bin/pom symfony2:deploy



  • vendor/bin/pom -T
config                  Create development environment configuration
db:backup               Perform a backup suited for merging.
db:create               Create database.
db:destroy              Wipe database.
db:full                 Perform a full database backup.
db:merge                Merge a backup into environment.
deploy:cold             First time deployment.
deploy:setup            Setup application in environment.
deploy:update           Update code to latest changes.
init                    Set it up
rollback                Rollback to the previous release
symfony2:assetic        Assetic dump
symfony2:assets         Assets install
symfony2:clear          Clear and Warmup cache
symfony2:composer       Run "composer install"
symfony2:deploy         Deploy Symfony2 in environment.
symfony2:migrate        Doctrine migrate
symfony2:permissions    Setting up Permissions
symfony2:setup          Installation of Symfony2 in environment.