A package of useful components for internationalisation in Laravel applications.



This package provides Laravel and Lumen applications internationalisation features:

  • List of all countries with data such as dialing codes, names, currencies...
  • Limited countries supported by our applications with additional data such as locale, language...
  • Laravel ViewComposers with some data pre-loaded.
  • Facades and helpers for country, currencies and tax rates (VAT).
  • Exchange rates for currencies via OpenExchangeRate's API implementation.

The countries are indexed using their uppercase ISO codes (alpha2/cca2).


You can install the package via composer:

For Laravel 5.x and PHP <= 7.1

composer require pod-point/countries:^3.0

For Laravel 6.x and PHP >= 7.2

composer require pod-point/countries:^4.0

For Laravel 7.x or 8.x and PHP >= 7.3

composer require pod-point/countries:^5.0

Then, finally, if you're using a Laravel version which doesn't support Auto Discovery, add the service provider to your config/app.php providers array:

'providers' => [

If you're using Lumen, add the following line to your bootstrap/app.php file:



Please see CHANGELOG for more information on what has changed recently.


The MIT Licence (MIT). Please see Licence File for more information.


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