PlumDoctrine integrates Doctrine into Plum. Plum is a data processing pipeline for PHP.

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PlumDate integrates Doctrine into Plum. Plum is a data processing pipeline for PHP.

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Developed by Florian Eckerstorfer in Vienna, Europe.


You can install PlumDoctrine using Composer.

$ composer require plumphp/plum-doctrine


Please refer to the Plum documentation for more information.

Doctrine ORM

EntityWriter for Doctrine ORM

Plum\PlumDoctrine\ORM\EntityWriter persists entities using an instance of Doctrine\ORM\EntityManagerInterface. It supports batch operations with a configurable flush interval.

use Plum\PlumDoctrine\ORM\EntityWriter;

$writer = new EntityWriter($entityManager);
$writer->writeItem($user1); // persist, but no flush
$writer->writeItem($user2); // persist, but no flush
$writer->finish(); // flush

If you are persisting too many entities for one flush at the end you can set the flushInterval option to flush after writing every x entities.

use Plum\PlumDoctrine\ORM\EntityWriter;

$writer = new EntityWriter($entityManager, ['flushInterval' => 3);
$writer->writeItem($user1); // persist, but no flush
$writer->writeItem($user2); // persist, but no flush
$writer->writeItem($user3); // persist and flush
$writer->writeItem($user4); // persist, but no flush
$writer->finish(); // flush

Setting the flushInverval option to null, which is also the default value, flushes the transaction only when calling finish(). If no items are written using writeItem() the writer will never call flush().

QueryReader for Doctrine ORM

Plum\PlumDoctrine\ORM\QueryReader takes an instance of Doctrine\ORM\AbstractQuery and returns an iterator for the result.

use Plum\PlumDoctrine\ORM\QueryReader;

$reader = new QueryReader($query);
$reader->getIterator(); // -> ArrayIterator<object>
$reader->count(); // -> int

The hydration mode can be set using the hydrationMode option.

use Plum\PlumDoctrine\ORM\QueryReader;

$reader = new QueryReader($query, ['hydrationMode' => Doctrine\ORM\Query::HYDRATE_ARRAY);
$reader->getIterator(); // -> ArrayIterator<array>

RepositoryReader for Doctrine ORM

Plum\PlumDoctrine\ORM\RepositoryReader takes a Doctrine\ORM\EntityRepository and a simple condition and returns an iterator with the results.

use Plum\PlumDoctrine\ORM\RepositoryReader;

$reader = new RepositoryReader($repository, ['age' => 20]);
$reader->getIterator(); // -> ArrayIterator
$reader->count(); // -> int

Change Log

Version 0.1 (24 October 2015)

  • Initial release


The MIT license applies to plumphp/plum-doctrine. For the full copyright and license information, please view the LICENSE file distributed with this source code.