Compact, easy-to-use and privacy-compliant stats plugin for WordPress.

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Visitor statistics for WordPress with focus on data protection, transparency and clarity. Perfect as a widget in your WordPress Dashboard.

Documentation and Support


  • Use the stable release from repository

  • Alternatively, the plugin is available as Composer package and can be installed via Composer:

    composer create-project pluginkollektiv/statify --no-dev

    It is necessary to use composer build if you don't use the public version to get the minified versions of the css and js files. This files are important for the usage.


  • Active development of this plugin is handled on GitHub.
  • Pull requests for documented bugs are highly appreciated.
  • If you think you’ve found a bug (e.g. you’re experiencing unexpected behavior), please post at the support forums first.
  • If you want to translate this plugin you can do this on WordPress Translate.


You can leave a donation via Paypal.