Fuse Application for Playground

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Playground dev driven by Composer

This project is directly inspired by http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/AppFuse

I wanted a ZF2 based framework with instant user / frontend / theme / admin / i18n management included. I wanted to create a Loyalty framework

Playground was born

Here you have playground/fuse, a Playground bootstrap rocketed with the best modules and extensions ever created by fabulous people.

This project aims to ease your life as a Playground dev :

  • With Magento Fuse, you install a bootstrap version of Playground in just 1 line. The installation includes the database creation. Once installed, you're ready to develop the features your customer needs, not the infrastructure you need to do it properly : PlaygroundFuse is here for that !



Create a new project

(you need root privileges)

composer create-project -s dev playground/fuse my-project

(Check available branches to know which versions of PlaygroundFuse are available)

This command will :

  • download the PlaygroundFuse config
  • Install the playground/core module
  • Install the playground/design module
  • Install the playground/user module
  • Install the playground/translate module

Once done, update your /etc/hosts file + your web server configuration.

launch the install script (with root privileges)


Relaunch the web server, and you're ready to go !

Adding a module

Add a SVN repository

sudo composer config repositories.loadster vcs http://xx.xx.xx.xx/svn/LABS/ZF2/LOADSTER

Add the module to composer

sudo composer require playground/loadster:dev-trunk

That's it !