Cached view template path resolver to speed up the ZF2 view layer by avoiding stat calls


OcraCachedViewResolver is performance-oriented laminas/laminas-mvc Module that increases performance in your application by caching the process of resolving template names to template paths.

In laminas/laminas-mvc-skeleton, the process of resolving template paths causes a lot of stat calls (disk access). This module adds a cache layer to avoid that.

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The recommended way to install ocramius/ocra-cached-view-resolver is through composer:

php composer.phar require \
  ocramius/ocra-cached-view-resolver \

You can pick any laminas/laminas-cache-storage-implementation you want, as long as you provide one, and later configure it.

You can then enable the module in your config/application.config.php by adding 'OcraCachedViewResolver' to the 'modules' section.


Default configurations are provided in config/ocra-cached-view-resolver.local.php.dist. You can copy it to your application's config/autoload directory and remove the .dist extension from the file name, then adjust its contents to your needs.

Note that you will need to provide your own laminas/laminas-cache adapter (pick one of your choice), and configure it as service to be referenced in your copy of config/ocra-cached-view-resolver.local.php.dist.