Provide Symfony2 web profiler for Guzzle

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v1.1.0 2015-05-12 04:26 UTC

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Last update: 2023-11-21 15:47:50 UTC


Provide a basic logger and an advanced profiler for Guzzle

  • The basic logger use the default Symfony app logger, it's safe to use in your production environement.
  • The advanced profiler is for debug purposes and will display a dedicated report available in the toolbar and Symfony Web Profiler

Guzzle Symfony web profiler panel

Guzzle Symfony web profiler panel - request details

Guzzle Symfony web profiler panel - response details


Add the composer requirements

    "require-dev": {
        "playbloom/guzzle-bundle": "v1.1.0"

Add the bundle to your Symfony app kernel

    // in %your_project%/app/AppKernel.php
    $bundles[] = new Playbloom\Bundle\GuzzleBundle\PlaybloomGuzzleBundle();

To enable the advanced profiler & the toolbar/web profiler panel, add this line to your app/config/config_dev.yml

    web_profiler: true

Guzzle client as a Symfony service

Concrete Guzzle client creation can be easily managed by the Symfony service container thanks to a simple factory configuration, in this case, you just need to tag your guzzle service(s) with playbloom_guzzle.client.

It will add the basic logger to your client(s). If the web_profiler is enabled in the current environement, it will also add the advanced profiler and display report on the Symfony toolbar/web profiler.

<service id="acme.client"
    <!-- your arguments -->
    <tag name="playbloom_guzzle.client" />

Add the logger/profiler manually to a Guzzle client

If you need to handle the registration of the logger or profiler plugin manually, you can retrieve theses services from the Symfony container.


$client = new \Guzzle\Http\Client('');

// basic logger service plugged & configured with the default Symfony app logger
$loggerPlugin = $container->get('playbloom_guzzle.client.plugin.logger');

// advanced profiler for developement and debug, requires web_profiler to be enabled
$profilerPlugin = $container->get('playbloom_guzzle.client.plugin.profiler');


Customize your own profiler panel

If you need a custom profiler panel you can extend/reuse easily the data collector and profiler template from this bundle.

For example, you have a GithubBundle which interact with the Github API. You also have a Github profiler panel to debug your developement and you want to have the API requests profiled in this panel.

It's quite easy: First, define your own GithubDataCollector extending the Playbloom\Bundle\GuzzleBundle\DataCollector\GuzzleDataCollector

Then extends the guzzle web profiler template

{% extends 'PlaybloomGuzzleBundle:Collector:guzzle.html.twig' %}

{% block panel %}
    <div class="github">
            <li><strong>Github API key:</strong> {{ collector.getApiKey }}</li>
            <!-- Some custom information -->

    {% include 'PlaybloomGuzzleBundle:Profiler:requests.html.twig' with {'requests': collector.requests } %}
{% endblock %}

And finally declare your data collector

<service id="data_collector.github" class="Acme\GithubBundle\DataCollector\GithubDataCollector">
    <argument type="service" id="playbloom_guzzle.client.plugin.profiler"/>
    <tag name="data_collector"

That's it, now your profiler panel displays your custom information and the Guzzle API requests.


  • Add extra information about the client configuration itself (thanks to the guzzle service builder?)
  • Add clients|host|endpoint|time filters for http requests


This bundle is under the MIT license. See the complete license in the bundle


  • Swagger for the UI

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