Integrate pixx.io DAM Digital Asset Management into TYPO3. Use files from your pixx.io media pool with TYPO3 easily and without any detour. Use the search field to search through your pixx.io media library and find the right picture in a flash.






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2.1.0 2024-04-02 18:27 UTC


The pixx.io Typo3 Extension allows pixx.io users to select the assets directly from their mediaspace.

Key Features:

  • Select your assets from you pixx.io Mediaspace
  • Sync your assets and metadata from pixx.io Mediaspace
  • Includes Proxy support
  • Works with the popular core extension: typo3/filemetadata


The installation of the extension is straight forward. Type composer req pixxio/pixxio-extension for installation. ext-curl is installed automatically, if not already installed. After the successful installation go to Maintenance -> Analyze Database and apply the changes that are related to the pixxio_extension.

If there are problems with curl on your server and the files are not transferred, you can make sure that allow_url_fopen = On is set in your php.ini. With that configuration curl is not used but file_get_contents.


To get the extension complete expierence, you have to do some settings first. Go to Settings > Extension configuration and select pixxio_extension. You have four configuration categories Basic, Metadata, Sync and Proxy:


For Sync Actions it is necessary to set the URL of your mediaspace and refresh token (The refresh token is accessible in pixx.io under the Settings -> User -> Edit a User and go to App Connections).

The File Storage ID is an optional setting. You can choose a Storage ID, where you would like to upload and store the pixx.io assets. You can also define a subfolder if you wish.


It's possible to sync the alt text. Therefore you have to define the name of the metadata, which you would like to synchronize.


In Sync you can define behaviors that should be done during a running sync.

Delete: If a file is deleted in pixx.io, it will be deleted in typo3 as well if the flag is set. If not it will decouple the file from pixx.io.

Update: If you use the version feature of pixx.io you be able to update the main version of a file. If the flag ist set the sync will replace files that aren't the main version to their new main version.

Limit: You can define a limit from 1 to 50. This limit defines the amount of files that should be checked through a single sync run.

Proxy Settings:

You be able to run the pixx.io connection via a proxy. Therefore you have to set in the extension configuration under the tab "Proxy" the flag “use_proxy” and add a valid connection string to the “proxy_connection”. The proxy URL can have this schema http(s)://username:password@host:port . It’s not necessary to add a username or a password, but you should add the host and port for the connection.

Hide select button

You can hide the "Select from pixx.io" button for backend users and backend user groups. Do do so, just add a user setting:


Works with


If you are using the core extension filemetadata it will sync more metadata to typo3 from pixx.io. The mapping of the metadata is defined like this:

typo3 -> pixx.io

  • Description -> description
  • Ranking -> rating
  • Keywords -> keywords
  • Alternative Text -> (What you have defined in your configuration default is "Alt Text (Accessibility)")
  • Caption -> description
  • Download Name -> subject
  • Creator -> creator
  • Creator Tool -> Model
  • Publisher -> Publisher
  • Source -> Source
  • Copyright -> CopyrightNotice
  • Country -> Country
  • Region -> Region
  • City -> City
  • GPS Latitude -> location.latitude
  • GPS Longitude -> location.longitude
  • Content Creation Date -> createDate
  • Content Modification Date -> modifyDate
  • Color Space -> colorspace
  • Unit -> Pixels



  • Bugfix for TYPO3 >= 12.4.3 in Controller/FilesControlContainer.php (FileExtensionFilter)


  • Fix bugs to support multiple image fields