Install and configure WordPress theme unit tests

v0.5.0 2013-11-14 02:22 UTC


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Install and configure Theme "unit tests" (sample data, required plugins and options) with wp-cli



Default install: wp-cli + composer

Composer installation as referenced in wp-cli Community Packages setup.

0) Make sure to have wp-cli already installed.

1) Go to the directory containing the root composer.json file:

cd ~/.wp-cli

2) Add the WP-CLI Package Index:

composer config repositories.wp-cli composer http://wp-cli.org/package-index/

3) Install the package:

composer require pixline/wp-cli-theme-test-command=dev-master


NOTE: This command can't deal (yet?) with global flags like --path, please run it in the WordPress root folder.

wp theme-test install [options]

Angle brackets groups possible values, default is marked with *

[--data=< unit-test* | wpcom-theme | wpcom-demo | wptest | skip >]

    URL/path to custom WXR data file, or built-in:

    'unit-test' = Default Theme Unit Test datafile
    'wpcom-theme' = Alternative wpcom datafile (1)
    'wpcom-demo' = Alternative wpcom datafile (2)
    'wptest' = manovotny/wptest datafile
    'skip' = Do not install new data

[--plugin=< theme* | vip | devel | all | skip >]  

    Plugin bundle to install. 
    Bundles are as suggested in the 'developer' plugin,
    'debug' bundle is an exclusive feature :-) 

    'theme' = Default plugin setup
    'vip' = Default + wpcom VIP plugin setup
    'devel' = Default + plugin developer setup
    'debug' = Default + debugger setup
    'all' = Default + VIP + developer + debugger!
    'skip' = Do not install/activate plugin bundles

[--option=< default* | skip >]

    Updates blog options to the test default values.

    'skip' = Do not update options
    'default' = Updates options to their default test value:

        - blogname                WordPress Theme Unit Test Site
        - posts_per_page          5
        - thread_comments         1
        - thread_comments_depth   3
        - page_comments           1
        - comments_per_page       5
        - medium_max_w            null
        - medium_max_h            null
        - large_max_w             null
        - large_max_h             null
        - permalink_structure     /%year%/%monthnum%/%day%/%postname%/

[--menus]            Add custom nav menus