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PHP App Publication

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Toolchain to publish a PHP App. Configured with a YAML file only.


  • Build Assets - Minify & concat CSS, JavaScript, SVG assets
  • Build App - Prepare expected directory structures & fetch packages
  • Lint - Identify errors before the app is running
  • Deploy - Sync files to configurable target stages
  • Verify - Do a smoke test to verify that the app is still working
  • Test - Start integration tests


  • All general settings and shared stages are configured in a YAML file


  • KISS - Not made for every condition, but easy to use and integrate



  • One CLI script with a fixed set of task commands
    • No mix, extending or renaming of task commands
    • Tasks not configured will abort instead of failing
  • Configuration with a flat text file
  • Override settings for local machines
  • Installation reduced to a bare minimum
  • Portable, easy to integrate in many repositories
  • Useable by a person who never deployed the app before
    • No additional knowledge required
    • One command is enough to deploy the app to a stage
  • Always the same commands, don't care about the configuration set up
  • Works well with robots (CI)
  • Minimal requirements on target stage
  • Rsync to synchronize files - no FTP
  • SSH to connect to stages
  • No rollback - Use Git to revert changes
  • No provisioning
  • Support for monorepos
  • Deploy to many stages

General approach: Not made for every condition, but easy to use and integrate


  • cURL, SSH & rsync
  • Git
  • PHP
  • Composer
  • SSH-Account on target stage(s) with read & write access, and right to run cURL, rsync and PHP


Packagist Entry

  • composer require pixelbrackets/pap

💡 Use the skeleton project to create a build directory and add required configuration files right away.

composer create-project pixelbrackets/pap-skeleton build

Read the integration guide to learn how to add the tool to your own app.


Mirror (Issues & Pull Requests mirrored to GitLab)


Run ./vendor/bin/pap to see all available tasks. Some common tasks are:

  1. Deploy to »live« stage

    ./vendor/bin/pap deploy --stage live
  2. Deploy to »local« stage, used for development (default stage)

    ./vendor/bin/pap deploy
  3. Sync to »local« stage (skips building assets)

    ./vendor/bin/pap sync
  4. Sync to »local« stage automatically if anything changes in the source directory (files changed, added or removed)

    ./vendor/bin/pap watch
  5. Lint current build

    ./vendor/bin/pap lint


build             Alias to run »buildassets« and »buildapp«
buildapp          Build PHP structure for desired target stage (move files, fetch dependencies)
buildassets       Build HTML assets (convert, concat, minify…)
composer:command  Execute Composer commands on target stage
composer:install  Install packages with Composer
deploy            Run full deployment stack (build, sync, composer command)
help              Displays help for a command
lint              Alias to run »lint:check«
lint:check        Lint files (Check only)
lint:fix          Lint files (Fix)
list              Lists commands
publish           Run full publication stack (lint, deploy, smoketest, test)
show              Pretty print configuration for debugging
smoketest         Run a build verification test against target stage
ssh               Alias to run »ssh:connect«
ssh:connect       Open SSH connection to target stage
sync              Synchronize files to target stage
test              Run tests suite against target stage
view              Open the public URL of target stage in the browser
watch             Sync changed files automatically to local stage


  • Install PAP, either as dependency or in a designated subfolder
    • Best practice is to create a separate directory for the build & deploy process, this is not mandatory however
  • Add the PAP configuration file pap.yml for all shared settings
  • Add pap.local.yml to your .gitignore file
  • Add .pap.lock to your .gitignore file
  • Optional but recommended: Add a template file to overwrite local settings, eg. pap.local.template.yml
  • Add a README how to use PAP

💡 There is a skeleton project available to create a build directory and add the above mentioned files.

composer create-project pixelbrackets/pap-skeleton build


  • All general settings and shared stages are configured in the distribution file pap.yml
  • All settings and stages may be overriden in a local environment file pap.local.yml
    • This file should be added to the .gitignore list
  • PAP always uses the root directory of the Git repository for all configurable paths, which allows storing the configuration file in any subdirectory
  • 📝 Documentation of all available options

💡 Additionally to this short integration and configuration guide you may want to take a look at the walktrough tutorial, which explains all steps to configure an example app.


See Upgrade Guide


GNU General Public License version 2 or later

The GNU General Public License can be found at


Dan Untenzu ( / @pixelbrackets)




This script is Open Source, so please use, share, patch, extend or fork it.

Contributions are welcome!


Please send some feedback and share how this package has proven useful to you or how you may help to improve it.