Easily configure your site's cookie warning.

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v2.1.3 2019-03-27 06:54 UTC


Cookie bar

Cookie bar pxa_cookie_bar

Adds a cookie bar to the page consisting of a text and an option link to a cookie bar policy page.

Features active and passive consent.

Passive consent

The visitor is notified that the site uses cookies

Active consent

The visitor is notified that the site uses cookies. All cookies will be removed until the user has accepted the usage of cookies.

!!! IMPORTANT any of your scripts will be able to set cookies (like google tracking scripts, etc.)


  • Install extension
  • Include static TypoScript of extension


It's possible to show default cookie bar message or create custom one

Default cookie bar message

In order to get default cookie bar message show up configure next TypoScript constants

TypoScript configuration

plugin.tx_pxacookiebar {
    settings {
        # Show default message if custom wasn't found
        showDefault = 1

        # Consent of default message
        activeConsent = 0

        # Show cookie bar only one time. After reload it'll disappear. 
        oneTimeVisible = 1

        # Page uid of page with detailed cookie bar policy
        detailPageUid = 111

Custom cookie bar message

  • Go to Backend module in "Web" section called "Cookie bar".
  • Choose root page of site you want to have cookie bar notification
  • Press "Create cookie warning" button
  • Fill in all required field
    • Show once - check this if message should be showed to use only one time
    • Active consent - check this if it's active consent
    • Name - just a name for BE view
    • Link text - text of "Read more" link
    • Link target - target of "Read more" link
    • Warning message - cookie bar message
  • Save cookie bar
  • It's also possible to localize cookie bar message if you have multi-language site