Position logic for Eloquent models with minimum setup

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Position logic for Eloquent models with minimum setup. Before saving it will check if the position has changed and updates the other entries based on the models position value.


Tested in Laravel 5.4 - 8.

Install via composer

composer require pion/laravel-eloquent-position


  1. Add a position (can be custom) column in your table (model)
  2. Add PositionTrait into your model (if you are using custom column set the $positionColumn property)
  3. If you are using grouped entries (like parent_id and etc), you can set the $positionGroup with the column name/names (supports single string or multiple columns)
  4. Add to form the position input (can be input[type=number] and etc) and fill/set the position on save
  5. When position is null or empty string, the last position will be used.
  6. If you are not using migration (the column exists), run the php artisian model:position` command to fix current entries (it will create correct order)

Then you can get your entries sorted:

// ASC


If using default column name (position), the value will be converted to numeric value (if not null or empty string).

Get the position Use the $model->getPosition() or use the standard way by using the column name $model->position

Migration example

public function up()
    Schema::table('pages', function (Blueprint $table) {

    // Update the order pages
    Artisan::call('model:position', [
        'model'=> \App\Models\Page\Page::class

Model example

class Page extends Model
    use PositionTrait;

    public $table = 'pages';
    public $positionGroup = ['parent_slug'];

    protected $fillable = [
        'title', 'slug', 'parent_slug', 'content', 'description', 'position'


You can listen to events for positioning changes. You can use the PositionEventsTrait for easy model registration.


class YourModel extends Model {
    use PositionTrait, PositionEventsTrait;


Called before running the last position calculation and the final movement of other entries for given position.

Enables to:

  • Restore the position to original value - return false
  • Add additional query conditions via AbstractPositionQuery object in second parameter ($query->query() => Builder)

Name: positioning

YourModel::positioning(function($model, $query) {
    $query->query()->where('type', 'type'); // or etc
    \Log::info('positioning', 'To '.$model->getPosition().' from '.$query->oldPosition());


Name: positioned

Example via trait:

YourModel::positioned(function($model) {
    /// TODO


Reposition command

This command will help you to fix the order of your models. You must provide a model class. You must include the RecalculatePositionCommand into your Console Kernel class.

php artisan model:position App\\Models\\YourModel



Uses the BasePositionTrait and PositionScopeTrait

You can set:

  • string positionColumn to enable overriding for the position column
  • boolean disablePositionUpdate disables the updated of other entries
  • string|array positionGroup builds a filter from columns for position calculation. Supports single column or multiple columns
  • string defaultPositionValue allows returning different value when position is empty string or null. Default value is null



  • Add the custom position trait to enable automatic convert to numeric value (don't want to use the setAttribute method) - In progress
  • Add service provider for automatic command registration
  • Add all docs for all features
  • Add next/prev scope functions in PositionScopeTrait
  • Add PositionHelperTrait with (getLastUsedPosition, getNextPosition($position = null))


See CONTRIBUTING.md for how to contribute changes. All contributions are welcome.

Copyright and License

laravel-eloquent-position was written by Martin Kluska and is released under the MIT License.

Copyright (c) 2016 Martin Kluska