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Curl OOP Wrapper

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Simple PHP Curl OOP wrapper for efficient request.

For a more complex or abstracted curl wrapper, use Guzzle.


Via Packagist

$ composer require piedweb/curl


Quick Example :

$url = 'https://piedweb.com';
$request = new Request($url);
    ->setDownloadOnlyIf('PiedWeb\Curl\Helper::checkContentType') // 'PiedWeb\Curl\Helper::checkStatusCode'
$result = $request->exec();
if ($result instanceof \PiedWeb\Curl\Response) {
    $content = $this->getContent();

Static Wrapper Methods :

use PiedWeb\Curl\Request;

Request::get($url); // @return string

All Other Methods :

use PiedWeb\Curl\Request;

$r = new CurlRequest(?string $url);
    ->setOpt(CURLOPT_*, mixed 'value')

	// Preselect Options to avoid eternity wait
    ->setDefaultGetOptions($connectTimeOut = 5, $timeOut = 10, $dnsCacheTimeOut = 600, $followLocation = true, $maxRedirs = 5)
    ->setDefaultSpeedOptions() // no header except if setted, 1 redir max, no ssl check

    ->setReturnHeader($only = false)
        ->mustReturnHeaders() // @return int corresponding to Request::RETURN_HEADER_ONLY or Request::RETURN_HEADER or NULL
    ->setCookie(string $cookie)
    ->setReferer(string $url)

    ->setUserAgent(string $ua)
        ->getUserAgent() // @return string

    ->setDownloadOnlyIf(callable $func) // @param $ContentType can be a String or an Array
    ->setAbortIfTooBig(int $tooBig = 200000) // @defaut 2Mo
    ->setDownloadOnly($range = '0-500')

    ->setPost(array $post)


    ->setProxy(string '[scheme]proxy-host:port[:username:passwrd]') // Scheme, username and passwrd are facultatives. Default Scheme is http://


$response = $r->exec(); // @return PiedWeb\Curl\Response or int corresponding to the curl error

$response->getUrl(); // @return string
$response->getContentType(); // @return string
$response->getContent(); // @return string
$response->getHeaders($returnArray = true); // @return array Response Header (or in a string if $returnArray is set to false)
$response->getCookies(); // @return string
$response->getEffectiveUrl(); // @return string

$r->hasError(); // Equivalent to curl function curl_errno
$r->getError(); // .. curl_error
$r->getInfo(?string $key = null); // ... curl_getinfo or getting directly the $key value

use PiedWeb\Curl\ResponseFromCache;

$response = new ResponseFromCache(  // same methods than Response except getRequest return null
    string $filePathOrContent,
    ?string $url = null,
    array $info = [],
    $headers = PHP_EOL.PHP_EOL

Change log

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$ composer test


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The MIT License (MIT). Please see License File for more information.