A continuous test runner for CLI

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A continuous test runner for CLI

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Stagehand_TestRunner is a continuous test runner to run unit tests in CLI.

It makes unit testing in a local environment much easier and comfortable. Additionally it can easily be integrated with a continuous integration server like Jenkins. It has been designed for integration into Integrated Development Environments (IDEs), a developer can create an extension like MakeGood.

Continuous Testing and Notification


  • Runs tests when a file is saved. (Continuous Testing)
  • Runs tests in the specified directory.
  • Runs tests in the specified file.
  • Runs only the specified tests in the specified file.
  • Runs only the tests in the specified classes.
  • Colors the output.
  • Preloads the specified PHP script before running tests.
  • Notifies test results.
  • Logs test results into the specified file in the JUnit XML format.
  • Prints detailed progress report.
  • Stops on the first failure or error.
  • Specifies the test file pattern.
  • Uses a YAML-based configuration file.
  • Runs the phpunit command via the testrunner command.
  • Supports PHPUnit.


Stagehand_TestRunner can be installed using Composer.

First, add the dependency to piece/stagehand-testrunner into your composer.json file as the following:

    "require-dev": {
        "piece/stagehand-testrunner": "~4.1@dev"

Second, update your dependencies as the following:

composer update piece/stagehand-testrunner

Finally, compile Stagehand_TestRunner for your environment as the following:

vendor/bin/testrunner compile


If you find a bug or have a question, or want to request a feature, create an issue or pull request for it on Issues.


Copyright (c) 2005-2014 KUBO Atsuhiro and contributors, All rights reserved.


The BSD 2-Clause License