Packages from phpwatch

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    A PSR-7 middleware to return 404 errors fast for requests that are not worth returning a fancy 404 error.

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    A Laravel middleware to quickly terminate Page-Not-Found pages that do not require a full HTML page

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    A polyfill for PHP 8.0's PhpToken class

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    A fast and minimal PSR-11 compatible Dependency Injection Container with array-syntax and without auto-wiring

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    A tiny WordPress plugin to clear all browser data related to the site upon logout (With `Clear-Site-Data` header).

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    WordPress plugin to prevent WordPress from delivering full Page-Not-Found errors when the browser is not expecting a full HTML page. Saves bandwidth and improves performance.

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    This plugin adds the “SameSite” cookie flag to WordPress’s authentication cookies. On supported browsers (all current IE, Edge, Chrome, and Firefox), this can effectively prevent all Cross-Site Request Forgery attacks throughout your WordPress site.

  • phpwatch/wordpress-security-advisories

    WordPress Security Advisories

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    A simple polyfill to make PHP 7.3's array_key_first and array_key_last functions available to all.

    Abandoned! See symfony/polyfill-php73