The PhpUnitGen core features for tests generation.

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The CLI tool can be installed using:

composer require --dev phpunitgen/console

Detailed information and webapp version are available at

About PhpUnitGen

Note: this repository contains the core code of PhpUnitGen. If you want to use the tool on your browser, you can go on the webapp. If you want to use the tool on your console, you can install the command line package.

PhpUnitGen is an online and command line tool to generate your unit tests' skeletons on your projects.

Key features

  • Generates tests skeletons for your PHP classes
  • Binds with Laravel "make" command
  • Generates class instantiation using dummy parameters or mocks
  • Adapts to PHPUnit or Mockery mocks generation

PhpUnitGen is not meant to generate your tests content but only the skeleton (except for getters/setters).

This is because inspecting your code to generate the appropriate test is way too complex, and might result in missing some of the code's features or marking them as "passed unit test" even if it contains errors.


You can track the tasks we plan to do on our project.


Please see CONTRIBUTING for more details.

Informal discussion regarding bugs, new features, and implementation of existing features takes place in the Github issue page of Core repository.



PhpUnitGen is an open-sourced software licensed under the MIT license.