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Provider a better API to handle Zend filters.


Package is available on Packagist, you can install it using Composer.

composer require phpfluent/filter


The static API was inspired on Respect\Validation.

Namespace Import

PHPFluent\Filter is namespaced, but you can make your life easier by importing a single class into your context:

use PHPFluent\Filter\Builder as f;

Calling a filter

f::stringToUpper()->filter('phpfluent'); // returns: 'PHPFLUENT'

Calling multiple filters

 ->filter('filter    '); // returns 'PHPFLUENT'

Calling native PHP functions

 ->filter(array('key' => 'value')); // returns: '{"key": "value"}'

Non-static API

You also can simply create an instance of PHPFluent\Filter\Builder.

$builder = new PHPFluent\Filter\Builder();
$builder->str_pad(10, '-');
$builder->filter('filter'); // returns: 'Filter----'

Calling Builder class

PHPFluent\Filter\Builder implements __invoke() method, so you can do like:

$builder('filter'); // returns: 'Filter----'

Custom filters

You can use your own Zend filters.


For that purpose we provide a way to add your own namespaces/prefixes:


So, in the example above v::myFilter() will call My\Filter\PrefixMyFilter.

You can implement your own filter.

use PHPFluent\Filter\FilterInterface;

class UrlFilter implements FilterInterface
    public function filter($value)
        return filter_var($value, FILTER_SANITIZE_URL);

Filter factory

To create the filters by its name we use our Factory; there are two ways to change the Factory to be used.

Static calls

$factory = new PHPFluent\Filter\Factory();


In the example above the defined factory will be used for all static calls.

Non-static calls

$factory = new PHPFluent\Filter\Factory();

$builder = new PHPFluent\Filter\Builder($factory);

In the example above the defined factory will be used only for the $builder instance variable.

As you could note, the factory instance if optional, so, when you did defined a factory for the builder object it will use the default one, defined on getDefaultFactory().

PHPFluent filters


Allows to perform filters over an array key.

f::key('foo', f::boolean())
    ->filter(array('foo' => 1, 'baz' => 'Whatever')); // array('foo' => true)

If you're looking for something more specific you should take a look on Zend\InputFilter.