Service mainly aimed at retrieving coordinates (latitude, longitude) of a location (address, place).

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This is mainly aimed at retrieving coordinates (latitude, longitude) of a location (address, place).

It is based on geocoder-php ( and tries to use the provider matching our requirements:

  • The provider must allow geocoding output storage
  • The provider usage must be free (for few queries)

REM: A cache is used so as to meet as far as possible usage limitation defined by the providers


At the root of your project type

composer require phpfacile/geocoding

Or add "phpfacile/geocoding": "^1.0" to the "require" part of your composer.json file

"require": {
    "phpfacile/geocoding": "^1.0"

Providers comparison

Providers Storage allowed? Restrictions
Geonames Yes No more than 1 req/s
GoogleMap for 30 days max
MapBox No
Nominatim Yes No more than 1 req/s


$geocodingService = new GeocodingService($cfg, $cacheDir);

$cfg = [
    'geonames' => [
        'username' => '<replace with geonames username>',
    'nominatim' => [
        'rootUrl' => '',
        'userAgent' => '<replace with a user-agent>',

$cacheDir.'/nominatim' must exist (ex: if $cacheDir='/cache' then '/cache/nominatim' folder must exist and be writable)

Actually, in the current implementation, in any case nominatim is the preferred provider.

$locations = $this->geocodingService->getLocationsByAddress('Etretat, France');
foreach ($locations as $location) {

$locations = $this->geocodingService->getPlacesByCountryAndPlaceName('France', 'Etretat');
foreach ($locations as $location) {


Nominatim may stop its service at any moment


If ever you modify the code so as to use geonames, you have to know that the following error message is silently ignored by the geonames provider (

{"status":{"message":"user account not enabled to use the free webservice. Please enable it on your account page: ","value":10}}


  • Manage localisation
  • Remove unexpected (from a human point of view) results (for example, with nominatim, a query for "Paris, France" currently returns an entry with type="city" and an other entry almost identical but with type="administrative")