A language package validator for phpBB language packs. Language packs are required to pass the validator when submitted to the language pack database.

1.5.2 2020-01-06 18:17 UTC

This package is auto-updated.

Last update: 2020-02-07 20:24:58 UTC


This console application allows you to validate phpBB language packages.


This extension requires PHP 5.5.9 or above.


Firstly, download the latest British English (en) language pack from as this is the default source language. Then clone this repository and download the dependencies:

git clone
composer.phar install

For the easiest results, create a directory called 3.2 or 3.3 in the root of the Translation Validator. Upload the en language page into this directory, along with the languages you wish to test. Which leads e.g. to:


The simplest way to validate is to then run this command (the final argument is the language you wish to test and that has already been uploaded to the 3.2 directory; eg. fr for French):

 php translation.php validate fr

There are more arguments that can be supplied. For example, suppose you wanted to have your 3.2 directory in a different location, you wanted to explicitly specify phpBB version 3.2 (default validation is against 3.3), you wanted to run in safe mode and you wanted to see all notices displayed - you would run this command:

 php translation.php validate fr 

The --safe-mode flag indicates that you want to parse files instead of directly including them. This is useful if you want to run validations on a web server.


Build Status

Add the TranslationValidator as a dependency:

		"require-dev": {
			"phpbb/translation-validator": "1.5.*"

Then add a php vendor/bin/translation.php call to your .travis.yml file.

We use Travis-CI as a continuous integration server and phpunit for our unit testing. See more information on the phpBB development wiki.

To run the unit tests locally, use this command:

 php vendor/phpunit/phpunit/phpunit tests/


If you notice any problems with this application, please raise an issue at

To submit your own code contributions, please fork the project and submit a pull request at

When a new version is released, the version number will be updated in composer.json and translation.php. A new tag will be created and the package will become available at