A language package validator for phpBB language packs. Language packs are required to pass the validator when submitted to the language pack database.

1.4.0 2017-12-31 14:37 UTC


Allows to validate phpBB language packages.


This extension requires PHP 5.6 to 7.1 to be set up.

Installation for validating a language package locally

Note: the validator only works when you have the source language pack in your directory (default source language is en).

  1. Download the package.
  2. Run php composer.phar install to download the dependencies
  3. Run php src/Phpbb/TranslationValidator/PhpbbTranslationValidator.php to get information how to run the validator

Installation for validating a language package on TravisCI

  1. Add the TranslationValidator as a dependecy:

     	"require-dev": {
     		"phpbb/translation-validator": "1.4.*"
  2. Add the php vendor/bin/PhpbbTranslationValidator.php call you run locally to your .travis.yml

Tests and Continuous Intergration

Build Status

We use Travis-CI as a continous intergtation server and phpunit for our unit testing. See more information on the phpBB development wiki.